Sexual Harassment of teachers


We need a safety net for teachers who experience sexual harassment. Your help is needed. Contribute to the resources, share your story, request guidelines be sent to your school director, and share this website with colleagues.

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The main goal of this site is to create a list of sexual harassment resources for teachers in every country. Additional goals include providing a safe place to share stories and publishing research-based advice to motivate school leaders to action.


After reporting sexual harassment, the creator of this site was traumatized by the way her international school handled her report and was left in crisis by the way she was treated. By creating this site, she hopes to help others receive the care they deserve.

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Share your story to inspire action. Contribute local resources to the collection for teachers in crisis. Anonymously send your school director resources. Share this website on social media. Print out your local resource list and display it in your faculty lounge.

Get involved

Experiencing sexual harassment is lonely and frightening. Connect and make a real difference.

share your story

Stories are powerful. Your truth matters. You may have felt unable to speak up at the time of your harassment or you may have reported harassment and were treated terribly by administrators. Tell your story anonymously to help others feel less alone and motivate school leaders to start talking about sexual harassment in schools.

Add your local resources

When a teacher is in crisis due to sexual harassment, they aren't able to think clearly. They don't know where to safely get help. Advocating for themselves is hard and they may not know where to get help. If they work at an international school they may not speak the local language, making this even more difficult. We need a list of country-specific resources, but this is only manageable with your help.

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to your school director

Do you think your school leaders are oblivious to the problem of sexual harassment? Would you like your school director to be sent guidelines to improve?

Click the button below and fill out the form. Your director will receive a letter from MeTooEdu.

an overview of the problem
% of working women will experience sexual harassment in the workplace
% of victims experience retaliation when they complain
# of local resources a school must offer a victim of sexual harassment in most countries