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Is your experience bad enough to ask for help?

Society, school culture, and even colleagues and friends may have influenced you to believe certain levels of abuse are normal. This makes it hard to recognize abuse when it occurs and when you finally recognize it you might feel shame. Because of our victim-blaming culture, you may wonder if you ‘asked for it’ or if the abuse is really that bad. These feelings might make you feel guilty calling a support line.

You did not ask for it. The abuse is bad. You deserve help. We know that reaching out for help makes it real. Making it real means you can no longer ignore or downplay the abuse or think it might get better. You have these thoughts because it feels safer not to acknowledge the abuse, especially if your school environment is unhealthy and a report of the abuse would not be handled properly.

If you are in a situation and wondering if it’s bad enough to ask for help – yes, it is bad enough. You deserve kindness and help. The resources on this site will help you find the help you deserve. They will allow you to remain anonymous and conversations will remain confidential.

If it would empower you to share your story and offer advice for others, you can do that here as well.



The main goal of this site is to provide sexual abuse resources for teachers in every country and to encourage teachers to reach out for help. Additional goals include providing a safe place to share stories and publishing research-based advice to motivate school leaders to action.


After reporting sexual harassment and assault, the creator of this site was traumatized by the way her international school handled her report and was left in crisis by the way she was treated. By creating this site, she hopes to help others receive the care they deserve. This site is not about one person's story.

what you can do

Share your story to inspire action. Contribute local resources to the collection for teachers in crisis. Anonymously send your school director resources. Share this website on social media. Print out your local resource list and display it in your faculty lounge. Volunteer using the contact button.

anonymously send a letter
to your school Leaders

Do you think your school leader is oblivious to the cultural problems in their workplace that are encouraging sexual misconduct? Would you like your school leader to be sent guidelines to improve?

Click the button below and fill out the form. Your school leader will receive a letter from MeTooEdu.

an overview of the problem
% of working women will experience sexual harassment in the workplace
% of victims experience retaliation when they complain
# of resources a school must legally offer a victim of sexual abuse in most countries