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Does your school community have a workplace culture problem? Are incidents of sexual harassment, sexism, microagressions, and other types of gender discrimination not being addressed by your school leaders?

"Sexual Harassment is not a women's issue but a leadership one."
Harvard Business Review
Colleen Ammerman

At your anonymous request, we will send the following email to your school leader and include with it recommendations* to improve their school community. You may also choose to have it sent to a work council member, the head of the school board, or anyone else you feel should receive this information as long as their contact information is publicly available on your school website.

Dear School Leader,

You are receiving this letter from MeToo-Edu because someone anonymously asked that it be sent to you using the form located here, When a person submits a request, we do not ask them to share with us their reasoning and we do not publicly share the names of schools or school leaders who have received this letter.

We hope that when you receive this letter you will reflect deeply on its contents and the reason why someone wanted you to receive it. There might be a situation in your school that is causing someone a lot of pain and they don’t feel they can trust you to handle it appropriately. Perhaps someone feels you mishandled a previous situation. It could be that they are concerned that the policies you currently have in place are creating an unfair workplace environment.

Included with this letter, you will find a list of recommendations you should follow to prevent, report, and investigate sexual harassment in your school. These recommendations were written using established guidelines created by anti-discrimination agencies, human rights organizations, and the experiences of teachers who have been sexually harassed.

Whatever the reason you are receiving this letter, we hope you will find the strength to approach these recommendations with an open-mind and the desire to make a positive change in your school community.


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