This section used to be titled, “Stories.” Since starting this site, I’ve heard from many teachers who were the victim of sexual violence while working in schools. Sadly, each of them shared with me a sense of hopelessness. These women don’t believe that anything will change even if they shared their stories. In having a place for their stories, I never wanted to share details or point fingers. I only wanted others to learn from the overall themes in each woman’s story: betrayal, trauma, careers shattered.

It makes me so furious that a great many people contacted me to warn me not to include stories on this site. They warn me I will get sued. I don’t think they realize they help those who victimize or silence victim’s voices when they give me those warnings. It is fear that causes people to look away from sexual violence. And, fear that causes people to tell me not to share women’s stories on this site.

But, because the women themselves have told me they do not want to share their stories, I have changed this page to “Voices.” It was a misnomer to call it stories in the first place. Here, I will post blogs from verified sources who want to add their voice to the conversation about sexual violence in schools. A few women have already contacted me about doing so.

As someone who still suffers from PTSD after my experience in an International School, I am not able to look at and work on this site as much as I would like. I am so sorry for that. It may be some time before I post any of the blogs or update this site.  I have heard from several women that the resources on this site have been the most helpful to them. Therefore, I will mostly focus on updating and adding to those when I can.